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Red Alabaster & Blue

by Celia Farran

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He is a young African American male. By the time he hits draft age he might be dead or live in jail And he found his life of crime when they said “No Child Left Behind” He’s an American too. She is 90 with dementia all alone Well, her family couldn’t take it so they put her in that home And now she withers down to bones and at night she gently moans. She’s an American Too She is a young Hmong refugee, She’s full with Child. If her Daddy finds out He will go insanely wild They say they understand her plight, call themselves the Christian Right. She’s An American Too. Chorus: And all they Wanted was to be Free But greenback dollars can’t buy you dignity Black Gold and Icebergs separate us from them. Time to re write the master plan. It is terminal, he’s sick, he needs a cure He’s a second class citizen because he’s uninsured He will leave his family broke because our health care is a joke. He’s an American Too She is a Mexican, She loves her family She risks her life to cross the boarder to harvest the trees And they get dollars to her dime She works triple the time. What she would give to be American too. He is a young attractive man and he is gay. Well, they beat him and they burned him and they left him that way And now the 26th of April is the Silent Day. He’s an American too. Chorus II: And all they Wanted was a better life And to be Equal, no matter black, rainbow, or white It’s getting risky to demonstrate for peace. You just might get shot down by police We’re Crying Oh ……. His hair is curly skin is freckled eyes are green No Irish Need Apply, What’s wrong Mick Can’t you read Right off the boat he hits the land..they shove a gun into his hands. Saying, “You’ll Die for America Too”. Her skin is black her hair is curly eyes are brown Arrived here in shackles and her master threw her down And she grits her pearly whites cuz they’ll beat her if she fights She’s an American Too. His skin is Red his eyes are brown his hair is black Lived here in peace until the White Man attacked And he tries to understand how a man could own the land. He’s an American Too. Chorus III And all they wanted was to be free But they were robbed and ripped of their dignity And their Grandmother’s are crying in their graves. How some Americans Behaved They watched their babies turned to slaves Their babies built this place. They’re crying Oh….. My hair is Red, Skin’s Alabaster and I’m Blue I’m a spiritual shaman and my lover is a Jew And we’re fierce and we’re proud and we serve our songs up loud And we are American’s too. But there was a time they would have torched me without care Tied me to that stake for the color of my hair And I’m not the only one It’s been done and done and done And we are Americans too My Hair is Red, Skin’s Alabaster, and I’m Blue And I’m an American Too.
Unlucky One 04:08
Who will be the Unlucky One? This New Year’s Eve My Desperate Surrogate You Oh I pray he won’t spill his soul But they always do Just like I poured into you Well, what else could I do? What else could I do? When you see me at me at midnight And I know you will Cuz I’ll be looking too And you watch me gifting To someone else The Juices I could gift to you? Well What will you do? Are we really thru? I see that now you have Family Plans and I’m always with someone new. I can’t seem to package my petals and give them away. And it kills me to stand here. It’s a hundred and 10 in your lingering shadow I’ve blathered my reasons and now you are walking away. Well, What else could I say? When there’s nothing to say. Who will be the Unlucky One? This New Year’s Eve. To place me on his resolution list.
Porch Song 04:19
Someone once explained it to me The Right Time Right Place Recipe They call it Serendipity We’re always passing each other by Saying “Let’s do lunch, Let’s have coffee, I’l Call Ya” Yeah Right So, tell me dear what is the chance? They say there’s no coincidence. But I won’t kill the magic finding meaning. The time is now the place. Spring Green. Chorus And We’re Telling Stories and Sharing Dreams On the porch of the General Store, Spring Green And it’s hot as hell but I can’t really tell. Can you? And you’ll go your way and I’ll go mine But it’s rest assured this sacred time Will live forever in my winter dreams Summer, General Store Porch, Spring Green You’re the last person on earth I thought I’d see here With your recycled book and your Iced Lake Louie Beer. We’re two new old friends just sharing souls To Zodiac Goats and we’re just coming home. Yeah…we’re just coming home. And we’ll sip this nectar oh so sweet…this instantaneous intimacy And it seems forever but it’s yesterday some how. The magic of this place always happens right now. Chorus Bridge: Spring Green. The River Valley Peg Miller, Galleries, Frank Lloyd Wright, APT You could have lunch at the General Store then walk across the street And in a shop you’ll meet a lady who kinda resembles me You can float down the river or get lost in the Round Barn So sad about the Post House that Burned Down to the Ground God I love this town! Chorus.
Quan Yin 04:51
It’s been three years, two months and five days. He comes straight from the prison saying, “Honey, I’ve changed.” Saying, “She’s my flesh and blood, I am her Old Man, You are still my woman.” I say, “The hell I am”. He says “Baby, Baby, I know I made mistakes.” “Ready to claim what is mine, I’ll even back pay”. Well, “She’s got a Daddy now and he treats me like a queen. His love is real. Your money’s make believe”. I hold my little girl with arms so soft but inside I am wild. I know I’ll tear him limb from limb if he comes near my child. Chorus So I call for Quan Yin…….Quan Yin. Ride in on your dolphins into my skin. Quan Yin. Quan Yin…….Protect little Morrigan from the whispering winds she’s innocent. Quan Yin. Devas: Quan Yin, Quan Yin, Quan Yin, Bring Peace Within Quan Yin. Ride in. Quan Yin. Quan Yin Goddess of Compassion. Quan Yin Protect Our Children Quan Yin She’s Innocent. Quan Yin He tries to look her in the eye says “Honey child do you remember me?” Well, how’s she supposed to know some bloke that she has never seen? You’ve overstayed your welcome, it’s time for you to go…how arrogant to think that you could own her soul. She says “Mommy, Mommy, don’t get mad, you know swears are a sin.” She say’s, “Mommy, Mommy, who’s that man and why…why do I look like him?” Chorus Bridge: Revenge is the little pill I swallow to hurt you. Why does it end up killing me? Oh little child I am not the one deserted you But Oh little child won’t you forgive me Well, just for the record…the system failed. They give rights to a criminal man just out of jail. And just because he knows just what to say doesn’t mean he knows about the family way. It’s gonna take a lot of long night talks and soulful listening. I’m gonna teach her how to speak her truth and how to call Quan Yin. Chorus.
Acid Rain 03:42
I’m feeling Dangerous Carving your initials in the milk of my sweet thighs You called me sinister Now find your little knees and beg me “please sing lullabies” I’ll be the Victim to your Vampire But if you misbehave Dear I’ll deny you your desires. Chorus Look to the skies and taste the Acid Rain Look to my eyes, look away, come back again. If I could I’d turn and love you. In a sweet embrace But my baby back and home deserves my grace. I’m hearing wedding bells You’re all drenched in leather and I’m your blood red whine Time I should take my vows. You beg me not to do it. But you’ll find in good time I’m not so easy. I ‘m all for show I know you’re leaving Cuz the rain stings as you go. Chorus Ly Ly Ly…..etc.
Free Download "Symbol" (free) 04:36
An American Soldier Came home today, Wrapped up as cargo in an American Flag. He asked for one sweet, silent symbol on his Grave. But the VA guns Said “Sorry Son, Request denied”. Well he served as any other with his hands and with his heart. He prayed to Father Sky, bowed Down to Mother Earth. He honored Air and Water and the Fire he danced around. But you didn't honor him before you put him in the Ground. Chorus: It's a Symbol it's a Sign it stands for Everything Divine. Excuse me Sir, I think you're wrong, I checked and the last time I read the doctrine it said practicing your faith is not a crime. So let this soldier rest………Honor his request. (So, if you make these children pray…Let them do it their own way) You sent that little girl crying home from school. Told her she was evil and she disobeyed the rules. You took away her pendant. Grandmother's Gift. But the other kids are free to wear their Crucifix. And she knows that if you catch her that you'll have her expelled. She's frightened every member of her family is going to hell. She's all messed up she's five years old...she doesn't know her rights. But her Daddy is a Lawyer so get ready for the fight. Chorus He's a believer and he wears it on his arm. First day, new job he set off all the alarms. The memo spread like wildfire that the devil had arrived. And the virus got to corporate and they fired him by five. Now all this misperception and everyone runs scared. Scared of the neighbors and Scared to declare. Cuz the persecutions high Expelled, or Fired or Denied. So what the Hell did our Ancestors fight so hard for? Bridge: So raise up your chisel and carve next to his name. All that he held sacred and all that kept him sane. When you sent him off to war you didn't care what he believed. Now he served you with his blood grant him his dignity. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Faith. Freedom of Religion. Freedom to Stand up and Fight For What We Believe in. Freedom to Die for your Country and Be Recognized With a Symbol of Honor in your Country’s Eyes.
Strings on Our Kings Words and Music by Celia www.celiaonline.com Hey There Mr.Pinnochio Man I heard you once had a killer plan For the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. I heard you had some family ties I heard you set up some alabis And Bedfellow Gepetto Carved a new nose on your face. Long time ago. When there were Strings on our Kings Black Gold and Diamond Rings When there were strings tangling ‘Till a Brave Bard Cut them Then it was ashes to ashes when they finally fell down And in the Rubble a country was found Hey There Mr. Puppet Boy I heard you used to play with Toys Set the Soldiers up. Knock the Soldiers Down. I heard the people were your employer But you took faith in God and Oil Bravado’s the band aid that comforts the clown. Long Time Ago. When There were Chorus Root Bound Oooh Bridge: I am so grateful to be looking back God Bless the Soldiers Goddess bless all souls under attack…….. And Wash away the Shame Though it was not in my Name. And Wash away the Shame From a Long time Ago Chorus Got too hot for a boy of wood Who got confused about where he stood On the land of the free and the home of the brave. Oh Say Can You See?
Shadow 04:02
You’re Shadow is Dark Your Shadow is cold But someday I’d like to cast shadows of my own But when you’re near I just can’t reach the light When you’re gone I shine for you so bright Your Roots bruise my mouth Your rage is strong But some day I’ll rustle these leaves of my own And when I do you’ll know it’s not okay When you’re near I scrape for words to say. Chorus: I need time. And I need space So I can grow tall like the Sequoias And I can look you in the face. But I’m just the child and you’re the grown up You come home so tired I try hard not to wake you up But it seems you never ever want to play You just say I’m always in your way Break If I am the apple and you are the tree I’d sacrifice my sweet to become a bitter leaf And pray for heavy winds to set me free And Zephyr me away from Poison Trees. Chorus: So I need time and I need space Maybe I’ll get drunk like a grown up Maybe I’ll Slap you on the face And say “Hey, Where you been?” “Hey, Where you been All my life?”
Sitting in a NY City Coffee House Sitting ‘Cross my friend who speaks his truth all the time When I’m with him I always feel much more myself. And right now I am feeling Oh so Divine And today we are talking ‘bout our obstacles Anything or anyone who’s in our way And he is teaching me to ask myself this simple Question Every minute every second every hour of every day And that is: Chorus Am I Shining? Cause if I’m Shining then….Everything is more than OK. But, If I’m not shining then I’ll be leaving No, I won’t wait another day. And I will tune in And if your not helping me to shine Then Get The F___ out of my way! Now I’m back at home in my Midwestern town. Monkeys jumping on my back in spinal parade. The light that once shown through my heart has broken down. Mr. Right is wrong and it’s too little too late. And then my New York memory comes back to me. My friend, the chuckle in his throat and twinkle in his eye. And then I am reminded just to ask my simple question. And the question isn’t who or what or when or how or why It’s Simply: Chorus It seems to me I’m getting more and more things right. My smile is getting deeper all the time. I walk into a dark room and it still feels bright, All the goodness in my life I’m claiming as mine. And I never will forget my New York City Friend That time we shown so bright in that café. And I will always tune in and I’ll ask my simple question Every minute, every second, every hour of every day And that is: Chorus
These Wicked whispers play the hide and seek of games. We quest forever never shouldering the blame We like to think we would have known just what to do But it was Sarah, the night his soul slipped thru Well some folks read the papers. Some just read the streets Everyone’s asking “Why couldn’t he just quit the drink?” Some would condemn her For setting him free Others believe her blindness granted him some peace. Chorus: So I’m Shining Light on Sarah Though I did not know her well. She’s Still alive with the night he died And the toll of Banjo Marty’s Bell. King of the Sidewalk he still plays the happy host Toss a request he’s the most garrulous of ghosts His sweet sad music. Caressing the concrete Will live forever as he dances those five strings Chorus: And that would be my living Hell. Bridge: So when the darkness lingers and I’m haunted by the past He sends a choir of singers. When the picture fades the melody will last. If you see Sarah and I know sometimes you will. Don’t take the bait, hate is the suicide of pills. You can lock her up you can chain your heart It’s all denial of disease. Crucify and every spirit cries. Shine your light and every spirit’s free Including Marty. So Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine me blind Won’t you Shine Shine Shine.
Today has been an eerie day, an empty day for truth. And though it's ending in confusion, I feel much closer to you. I do not know your name. I don't know where you're from. But I've seen this city take it's toll. But it's no matter what they take from me They'll not infect my soul. CHORUS I'll Always Sing My Highest I'll always Dance the night away I'll Always Fly To freedom My heart beats on as long as there are drums to play. Oh ay, oh ay, oh ay I will stomp my anger I will sob my grief But I'll not crumble in fear Come all you healers sing it out with me until It's only peace that we can hear. We no long have the living luxury of revelling in the fight. For now we understand our purpose here lies in holding the light. CHORUS We'll Always Sing our Highest We'll always Dance the night away We'll Always Fly To freedom Our hearts beat on as long as there are drums to play. Oh ay, oh ay, oh ay Repeat


released September 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Celia Farran Prescott, Arizona

Celia is a cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, &.... Tina Fey. Celia artfully reaches deep into the soul of the listener with her angelic voice and musical creations. "What Celia Offers is a Gift to the World", Brooke Medicine Eagle, Author of "The Last Ghost Dance. "Celia's Music Calls Women to their Glory & Men to Their Hearts". Marianne Williamson, Author of "Return to Love" ... more

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