Celia Sampler 3

by Celia

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released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Celia Prescott, Arizona

Celia is a cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, &.... Tina Fey. Celia artfully reaches deep into the soul of the listener with her angelic voice and musical creations. "What Celia Offers is a Gift to the World", Brooke Medicine Eagle, Author of "The Last Ghost Dance. "Celia's Music Calls Women to their Glory & Men to Their Hearts". Marianne Williamson, Author of "Return to Love" ... more

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Track Name: "We Celebrate You"
“We Celebrate You”
Words and Music by Celia
Written to Celebrate & Honor Ordained Ministers thru the Circle Sanctuary Ministerial School
© 2015 Red Granite Goddess Publishing

We celebrate you in community
For your service to the Pagan family.
For your leadership and your inspiration
We honor you now with a celebration.
Hey oh! Hey oh! Hey oh! Hey oh!

We surround with light as we witness to see
Your commitment to your chosen journey.
You have walked through the fire and you've risen above.
We bless you now with with our respect and love.


You've embraced your truth and you've chosen the way
Of honoring your path every night and day
We're your Circle around you, we respect your mission.
We bless your service and your dedication.

Divinity knocked and you opened the door.
You will walk where no one has walked before.
We salute you for your strength and bravery!

Track Name: Far Away From Home
"Far Away From Home'
Lyrics and Music by Celia Farran
(C) 2015 Red Granite Goddess Publishing/ASCAP

On the quiet side of Dungannon wall.
The veil is thin and the voices call.
Wild wind over silent stones.
Far away from home.

Far Away From Home.
Far Away From Home.
The rain soaks thru my desert bones.
Far Away From Home.


The city rushes by all day.
I would rather sit and stay
And listen to the singing bones.
All Alone.


I am listening.
I am listening.
I am listening to the bones.
I am listening.
I am listening.
I am listening to the singing of the bones.

All the Stories Never Told

Track Name: The Mother Bread of Life
"The Mother Bread of Life"
(C) 2015
Words by Cecilia Farran
Music by Celia Farran

We are one with the spirit.
We are one with the land.
The Bread of Life is given
That we may understand
Who We Are.
We Are One.

The Mother Grain is given.
The Good Earth Gives us Life.
We give thanks, we give thanks, we give thanks for the Mother Bread of Life.
Track Name: Amen, Aho, Awen
“Amen, Aho, Awen”
By Celia Farran
© 2016 Red Granite Goddess Publishing

I sing for the Pain. I sing for the Names.
Of all we have lost. Of all we have lost.
I sing for the Breaking. I sing for the Aching of all we have lost.
Of all we have found.

Only love is real. The kind of love that knows no bounds.
I offer my voice to help you heal.
Sing to your soul. And wrap you up in my arms.
Amen, Aho, Awen.

I sing for the Crying. I sing for the Dying.
Of all we have lost. Of all we have lost.
I sing for the Grieving. I sing for the Leaving
Of we have lost. Of all we have found.


And I can’t fix it. I can’t make it right.
I am just as confused as you.
So I step away and take a moment to pray.
And ask my guides, “Whatever can I do?”

I can sing for the Feelings. Sing for the Healing.
Of we have lost. Of we have lost.
I can sing for the Blessings. Sing for the Lessons.
Of all we have lost. Of all we have found.

And only Love.
Only Love.
Only Love.
Amen, Aho, Awen.
Track Name: Yoga Goddess
“Yoga Goddess” By Celia Farran
© 2016 Red Granite Goddess ASCAP 

I Wanna Be A Yoga Girl
Bringing Peace and Harmony into this World.
I Wanna Be a Yoga Queen.
Living on a Pranayama Dream.
I Wanna Have a Yoga Day.
Singing, Om Mani Padme Hum & Namaste
I Wanna Be a Yoga Goddess…..
Cuz Yoga is the way I Wanna Be.
Yoga is the way I Wanna Be.

Ooooooo Oh Om.
Ooooooo Oh Om
Ooooooo Oh Om
Om Mani Padme Hum

Verse One:
Betcha didn’t know there are all kinds of Yoga.
Karma, Hatha, Kundalini: Just to name a few.
I gotta tell ya. Laughter Yoga is my Favorite Kind.
It’s the only thing I’ve found that brings me
Peace of Mind.


Verse Two:
Breathe the Pranayama Into the Chakras.
Cobra, Eagle, Down Dog, Cat & the Cow.
Sun Salutation. Stand like a Tree or a Mountain.
Breathe. And Be Here Now.


Yoga’s More than stretching though the edge feels oh so grand.
Yoga is a way of being. Just so that you understand.
You do Yoga your way. I do Yoga mine.
We all choose Yoga Living; This world will be so fine.