1. Connection Sagrada

  2. KARMA

  3. Goddess Songs Compilation (Volume One)

  4. Goddess Songs Compilation (Volume Two)

  5. Letting Go

  6. Shaman Journey

  7. Carry Me Home

  8. Breathe

  9. Red Alabaster & Blue

  10. For The Asking

  11. Soul Song Prayers Live at The Playful Soul (Indianapolis)

  12. Fire in the Head

  13. Irish Tales (Storytelling)

  14. The Bard of Armagh: A Tribute to Tommy Makem

  15. (Name Your Price) Naughty In Pink

  16. (Name Your Price) Brigid Songs (With Karaoke Tracks)

  17. (Name Your Price) Love Song Compilation

  18. (Name Your Price) Irish Song Compilation by Celia Farran

  19. Peace Songs Live-The Celia Sessions-9/21/16

  20. The Celia Sessions 9/7/16

  21. Trestle For President-Live-The Celia Sessions 9/29/16

  22. The Best Medicine

  23. Live Webcast Celia Concert August 26th, 2015

  24. California Relief Benefit

  25. Tell Us What You're Growing

  26. Metta Prayer

  27. Golden Light Relaxation Meditation

  28. Trestle Ring Tones
    The Trestle Foote Faerie

  29. You Are Loved

  30. One of a Kind Personalized Gift Songs

  31. Celia Farran Sampler 2

  32. Celia Farran Sampler 3

  33. Trestle AB3's
    The Trestle Foote Faerie

  34. Best of Celia Mix

  35. The Llama Man
    The Trestle Foote Faerie

  36. Happy Birf-Day Celia
    The Trestle Foote Faerie

  37. Om Namo Guru Dev Namo (Excerpt) Live

  38. Celia Holiday Sampler

  39. "Answer With Caution" Ring Tones

  40. Four Faces in the Mirror Audiobook Samples

  41. Ten Minutes to Bliss

  42. Happy Birf-Day!
    The Trestle Foote Faerie

  43. Robin's Personalized Song Album

  44. Joni's You Are Loved Songs

  45. David's Personalized Songs Album

  46. Tina's You Are Loved Album

  47. Kenna's You Are Loved Album

  48. Bettina's "You Are Loved" Album

  49. You Are Happy, Healthy, & Well

  50. Happy Birthday! You Are Happy, Healthy, & Well


Celia Farran Prescott, Arizona

Celia is a cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, &.... Tina Fey. Celia artfully reaches deep into the soul of the listener with her angelic voice and musical creations. "What Celia Offers is a Gift to the World", Brooke Medicine Eagle, Author of "The Last Ghost Dance. "Celia's Music Calls Women to their Glory & Men to Their Hearts". Marianne Williamson, Author of "Return to Love" ... more

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